Volume 42, No 2, 2020, Pages 278-287

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The Tribological Performance of Hydrodynamic
Journal Bearing Using Bio-based Lubricant


P. Zulhanafi , S. Syahrullail , M.A. Ahmad

DOI: 10.24874/ti.843.02.20.05

Received: 1 February 2020
Revised: 24 April 2020
Accepted: 7 May 2020
Published: 15 June 2020


Green technology policies and other environmental legislations have driven researchers to channel their attention into bio-based lubricants. In the current study, the performance of the bio-based lubricant, palm mid olein (PMO), in journal bearing applications was examined. A comprehensive journal bearing test rig was used to evaluate the tribological behaviour of PMO and to compare it with a mineral-based oil (SAE 40). A bearing, with a length to diameter ratio of 0.5, was used in accordance with variations in the journal speed and radial load. It was found that PMO presented a higher maximum pressure and better thermal resistivity compared to SAE 40. PMO also demonstrated a lower friction coefficient in all testing conditions.


Journal bearing, Bio-based lubricant, Pressure profile, Temperature profile, Friction coefficient

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