Volume 40, No 1, 2018, Pages 92–99

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The Temperature Distribution in Friction Clutch Disc under Successive Engagements


M.H. Faidh-Allah*

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2018.40.01.08


The repeated engagements were made by the friction clutch in the realistic applications to reach the desirable speed. The traditional theoretical method to compute the temperature field specifically the maximum temperature appeared in the surfaces of the friction clutch disc only during the single engagement is bootlicker to obtain a successful design which meets the demands today. The temperature fields were computed during 6 consecutive engagements when the full engagement period was 5s. Three dimensional model of the friction surface of clutch disc was build based on finite element technique to determine the thermal behavior of friction clutch system. The contact pressure between the contact surfaces was supposed uniform during all engagements. It was found that repeated engagements have a great influence on the surface temperature.


Dry friction clutch, Successive engagements, Temperature distribution, Finite element analysis

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